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Pantomime Costumes – The run-up to Christmas also sees the start of the Panto season and if you want to give your kids a special treat, and treat yourself at the same time, it doesn’t get much better than Pantomime. For many of us parents this rare visit to the theatre as a child was one of the highlights of the festive season and perhaps sparked our interest in more serious theatre as adults.

Forget the computer, Pantomime is interactive story telling at its very best. All of the children’s favorite stories come to life right there on the stage in front of them – Cinderella, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mother Goose, Aladdin, Dick Whittington, Little Red Riding Hood and many more.

Pantomime costumes for adults are an increasingly popular genre in Christmas fancy dress, with outfits for the heroes and villains from many of the Pantomime stories, as well as, of course, Pantomime Dame costumes. You should be able to find a Panto costume for your own favorite character, but unfortunately there are not that many Panto fancy dress yet available for children.

Red Riding Hood Fancy Dress Outfit

Pantomime Costume

In this somewhat provocative Red Riding Hood costume you’ll need to be on your guard, so ignore the whistles and be wary of the wolf – you know what happened to granny!

Of course, if you are out to enjoy yourself, taking a little risk may add some spice to your evening, and not all wolves will necessarily want to eat you.

You may also take comfort from knowing that a strong and handsome huntsman is waiting in the wings to come to your rescue, or is that just in fairy tales?

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Snow White Fancy Dress Outfit

Snow White Fancy Dress Outfits

There are easier ways to find your Prince Charming than getting dressed up and laying yourself out in a glass display cabinet to wait for him to pass by. You need to be just a little more proactive.

Put this very becoming Snow White costume on and circulate at the Christmas office ball and both charming and smarmy princes will be tripping over themselves to ask for the last dance.

Look out for the less than beautiful office “Queen” though, particularly if she is handing out tasty tidbits.

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The Ugly Sisters Costume

The Ugly Sisters Outfit

Sorry ladies, though very fetching, this one is not for you but for the (very butch) man in your life.

You may need to persuade him a little (I’d be a little worried if he gives in too easily) but I’m sure that once he sees himself dressed up in this Ugly Sisters fancy dress outfit he’ll get to like his feminine side. To be on the safe side, tell him it’s just for the party and that you don’t expect to see him washing up and doing the housework in it.

If he doesn’t fancy himself in purple then there is an equally retching, sorry, I meant to say fetching, dress in yellow.

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The Smarmy Prince Costume

The Smarmy Prince Outfit

Guys, dressed in this Smarmy Prince costume you will have a legitimate excuse to chase all the leading ladies at the office party (and if you happen to be the MD, why bother dressing up, you don’t need an excuse). If you get in before Prince Charming arrives there may be just a slim opportunity for you to impress.

Of course, it’s almost guaranteed that you will fail, as most of the ladies will want to be charmed, not “smarmed”. If you happen to have a big expense account though then some ladies may observe the one similarity in “charming” and “smarmy” (arm), but don’t count on it.

Never mind, I’m sure that at least one of the Ugly Sisters will welcome any attention you give her (or him) so you both at least get a consolation prize.

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If none of the pantomime fancy dress outfits above are quite what you are looking for, then be sure to check out the Pantomime Fancy Dress Costumes section of the site.

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